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We believe Spanish Immersion education is vital for our community. We are dedicated to providing tuition assistance for as many families as possible to ensure that children who want a high-quality Spanish Immersion education can receive one.

Affordable, Quality Education To All

At Intiwasi Spanish Immersion School, located in the heart of Los Angeles, we recognize the growing challenge of tuition affordability in private education. As the costs continue to rise, it becomes increasingly difficult for many deserving families to access the quality education we offer. We believe in confronting this challenge head-on, ensuring that our school remains a diverse and inclusive community where every family who wishes to join us can do so.

Our Commitment to Affordability and Inclusion

We are committed to offering affordable, high-quality, bilingual education to all members of our community. Understanding the financial strains that private school tuition can impose, Intiwasi has initiated a progressive financial aid system designed to support families of various sizes and financial backgrounds.

Introducing Our Sliding Scale Program

To make our education more accessible, we're excited to introduce our sliding scale program. This program is designed to adjust tuition fees based on family size and income, ensuring that our school is accessible to families from a variety of economic backgrounds. Here's how it works:

  • Families of six earning less than $130,000 annually

  • Families of five earning less than $115,000 annually

  • Families of four earning less than $100,000 annually

  • Families of three earning less than $90,000 annually


For families within these income brackets, tuition fees will be adjusted on a sliding scale. The scale is designed to reduce the financial burden of tuition based on your family’s size and income, making our quality, bilingual education more affordable. 

Financial Aid Application Process

To ensure fairness and transparency, we have outlined the following application process:

  1. Application Completion: All sections of the Financial Aid Application Form must be completed. Incomplete forms will not be processed.

  2. Required Documentation: Applicants must provide a letter from their employer stating current salary and copies of their three most recent paystubs.

  3. Acceptance that families receiving aid are required to contribute 20 volunteer hours annually.


Disclaimer and Agreement

By applying for financial aid, families agree to the terms and conditions outlined in the application, including honesty in providing information. False or misleading information will lead to automatic disqualification from the program.

Join Our Diverse Community

At Intiwasi, we strive to weave a diverse tapestry of students and families into the fabric of our community. We encourage interested families to apply for financial aid and join us in our journey of providing exceptional bilingual education.

Apply Now and Be a Part of Our Community

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